Sep 23, 2016 Elsia Release
LibBossIDs-1.0 provides a table that flags mobIDs true if the mob linked to the ID is a boss. Example: if LibStub("LibBossIDs-1.0").BossIDs[tonumber(mobID)] then print("Found a boss!") end One can get the mobID from a GUID in the following way: local _, _, _, _, _, mobID = strsplit("-", UnitGUID("target")) Target macro: /run print(tonumber((select(6, strsplit("-", UnitGUID("target"))))))


Mar 28, 2016 Resike Release
Allows to listen every collectable music on your garrison's jukebox without collecting the tunes. Currently added tunes: The Burning Legion Wrath of the Lich King The Shattering A Siege of Worlds Heart of Pandaria High Seas [A] Legends of Azeroth Stormwind [A] Ironforge [A] Angelic Cold Mountain Darkmoon Carousel Night Song [A] Gnomeregan [A] Tinkertown [A] Exodar [A] Curse of the Worgen [A] Ghosts Mountains Magic The Black Temple Karazhan Opera House The Argent Tournament Lament of the...