SimpleHubTeleport 3

Aug 13, 2016 NizarZa123 Mature
Video Germany (3) English no video at moment if you can make one that's good Commands /sethubSethub location you are. /hubTeleport to the hub Permissions simplehubteleport.sethuballow player to use command /sethub Configuration auto-update: true hub: world: (world name) x: y: z: Donation Downloads 10 Downloads 50 Downloads 100 Downloads 500 Downloads 1,000 Downloads 5,000 Downloads 10,000 Downloads 15,000 Downloads 20,000 Downloads 50,000 Downloads 100,000 Downloads (the objectif)

LuckyCraft 2

Aug 12, 2016 NizarZa123 Release
LuckyCraft 2 LuckyCraft is a plugin by me and i deleted it because i abandoned it on Bukkit and i updated it on spigot now i have fixes so many problems in crafting that never give you something and i just created LuckyCraft 2 on Bukkit all the informations is down ! CRAFTING CONFIG.YML items: dirt: 70 diamond: 5 gold_ingot: 17 iron_ingot: 8 DONATION That make me happy if you donate for my work :)
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Jun 07, 2016 NizarZa123 Release
The Plug-in is compatible & avaible in Spigot Github PlayerJoinMessage PlayerJoinMessage is very simple plugin to allow you to set join and leave message in configuration file. Plugin has got 2 commands and 1 permissions, allowed you to get informations about the plugin and reload config file. Commands & Permissions CommandsDescriptionAliasesPermissions /playerjoinmessageGet information about plugin/pjmNone! /playerjoinmessage reloadReload configuration/pjm reloadPlayerJoinMessage.reload...

InvMenuAPI Reloaded

Apr 25, 2016 NizarZa123 Release
Inventory Menu API Reloaded An API making an easier task of creating inventory menus. The task of having to hard-code a menu is no longer an obstacle. This API was made mainly for me to easier manage my plugin's menus, but I figured it'd be useful as a public plugin as well For Servers Owners Simply place it in like a normal plugin. Note that it will not do anything on it's own. No configurations are required to be modified, nor are there any permissions, simply drop and start. For Developers...


Dec 14, 2015 NizarZa123 Beta
KillMoney What is KillMoney KillMoney is a bukkit plugin when you kill a mob or animal you won 6$ and when you kill player you won 15$ and when you die by player you lose 5$ and no command for this plugin it's just a easy bukkit plugin you can use it to your server and the configuration for money is coming soon you can choose your own money when you die kill player and kill animal/mob for this plugin work you need Vault and you can use /money for Essentials or for iConomy choose your own...
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Nov 23, 2015 NizarZa123 Release
Launchpad+ Launchpad+ Description Launchpad+ is a bukkit plugin by NizarZa123, is a launch with a plate, this plate you can do it in any block you want with 3.0D power x , and coming, the config with custom power x launch , you can use it in sand, redstone block, diamond block, stone , dirt without any command. and with the wooden plate too he go 1.0D power x and deal anything on damage & stone too . How to use it? Isn't something so hard you need just only do your stone plate or wooden plate...


Jul 13, 2015 NizarZa123 Beta
OtherPets OtherPets Bukkit Plugin OtherPets it new version of pet, pet follow you all time when you go ! now i have fast coding this, to follow you it with command, but the new version is coming will be follow you automatic and when you go in big distance and you don't find your pet , the pet teleport to you ! and new version is coming too with 10 new pets and you can change name of your pets ! so if you don't like the first update you can wait other updates :D , this moment is only 3 pets !...
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Special Die Message

Mar 14, 2015 NizarZa123 Beta
Special Die Message Plugin What Is SDM ? SDM is plugin if you dead, you have hologram message die example: NizarZa Die Here. Time of death: 7:45 PM is this a SDM Commands & Permission /sdm del | delete all holograms | sdm.admin.delete (not Fixed 100%) Configuration Important Is Here! Download HolographicDisplays For Die Message Show if player dead. If you don't Install HolographicDisplays in your server, the die message not show Warning for this! Videos French: English: No Video this moment !...


Mar 14, 2015 NizarZa123 Beta
VanishingPlayers What is VanishingPlayers? This plugin allow you to hide/show all players from you using commands! Commands & Permissions commandsdescriptionpermissionsdescription /hideHide all playersvanishingplayers.hideAcces to /vanish command /showShow all playersvanishingplayers.showAcces to /show command Video English Video Comming soon! French Video

Craft The Dragon Egg

Feb 17, 2015 NizarZa123 Beta
CRAFT NOW THE DragonEGG!! Craft the Dragon egg what is this plugin ? Craft The Dragon EGG is a bukkit plugin you can create the dragon egg , on minecraft you can't craft it you need to kill ender dragon, but now you can CRAFT IT WITH THIS PLUGIN!!! Crafting For more information of craft you need visit the page of craft click here Configuration for the configuration is coming, but on the configuration will be: crafting: true or false ! Videos Spanish English French Germany


Feb 08, 2015 NizarZa123 Release
Gun Plugin Gun What is gun? Gun is a bukkit plugin, you can craft a gun with Blaze Power, snowball, Stick, and you get Blaze Rod named Gun , you can right-click and he shot the snowball make 10.05 Damage and other gun named: Special Gun, you can craft it with: Blaze Rod, Snowball, TNT, Stick !! v4.0 coming 10 news guns :) Crafting Normal Gun Special Gun (v2.0)
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Simple Day Night (SDN)

Feb 01, 2015 NizarZa123 Release
Version 1.0 Beta Test is now avaible ! Simple Day Night (SDN) Signs: Click here to go on page of signs ! (sorry for my bad english i'm french/morocco) Vidéo Vidéo French -> Video Germany -> You have Bug ? contact Me BukkitDev PM ! Commands commanddescription 1/dTo make the day. 2/nTo make the night. 3/reloadsdnTo reload plugin.(Fixed in version 0.4) 4/itemdGet item to make a day 5/itemnGet item to make a night 6/helpsdnTo get all list commands 7/stormTo make a storm 8/sunTo make a sun...


Jan 30, 2015 NizarZa123 Beta
CoolTime Official Bukkit Plugin What is CoolTime ? CoolTime is Bukkit Plugin you can show a real time if your are in FullScreen example, and you can show too a Minecraft Time With 2 Commands: /realtime and /mctime ! Commands & Permission CommandDescriptionPermission /realtimeShow Real Timenone /mctimeShow Minecraft Timenone Configuration Coming in update v4.0 Videos English: no video French: no video Germany: no video Spain: no video

Staff List

Jan 25, 2015 NizarZa123 Beta
Staff List Staff list is a bukkit plugin you can show a staff with simply command /staff You can change the name of staff on config.yml Commands CommandsDescription /staffGet list of staffs! Configuration Moderators: Admins: Owners: Developers: SuperModerators:
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Jul 10, 2014 TheParOsKingPlG Beta
SmallEconomy Plugin Features This plugin is simple use,you create account add money remove money. Version Java: 1.7 Version Plugin: 1.9 Commands commandsdescription /econ set <player>Create new account/set Account /econ add <player> <amount>Add money in player /econ remove <player> <amount>Remove money in player Permission permissiondescription smalleconomy.setto player acces set account. smalleconomy.addto player acces add money in account smalleconomy.removeto player acces remove money in...

SimpleHubTeleport Sign

Jun 08, 2014 NizarZa123 Beta
SimpleHubTeleport Sign (this plugin for SimpleHubTeleport) What is SimpleHubTeleport Sign? SimpleHubTeleport sign is plugin for simplehubteleport and that plugin you can teleport with sign! Commands None! Permissions simplehubteleport.sign.spawn How create Sign? Line 1: [SHTS] Line 2: spawn Enjoy Teleport! ScreenShot Comming sooon! Video Comming Soon! Important you need download SimpleHubTeleport ! Warning: you can't destroy teleport (you can destroy sign but if you right click & left click...


May 30, 2014 NizarZa123 Release
Octops 1 Features Octops is plugin when you can create your (EGG) with your name minecraft and you can create your sethome and remove a octops and create Fake TV! Version Java: 1.7 Version Minecraft: 1.7.9/1.6.4/1.5.2 Fun ? in v0.2 if you right click with Octops (EGG) you spawn a Iron Golem can attack zombie Sorry if you have bug in spawning Iron Golem ! :( Commands & Permissions CommandDescriptionPermission /octops create <your_minecraft_username>Create Octopsoctops.oct.create /octops remove...


May 27, 2014 NizarZa123 Release
SimpleItem v1.0 What Is SimpleItem? SimpleItem is plugin you can give item with your tags example: /item diamond_sword Best Diamond Sword! SimpleItem is plugin very simple to use Important: this plugin is only for Tools & Combat (SWORD,PICKAXE,SPADE,AXE,HOE) Commands commandsdescription /si <tools:combat name>Get item (/si list list for item avaible!) /si listGet list tools and combat! Permissions permissionsdescription simpleitem.item.*Acces give tools/combat simpleitem.itemlistAcces get...
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May 03, 2014 NizarZa123 Release
KitSpecial Commands commandsdescription 1/kit ArcherGet Archer Kit 2/kit MageGet Mage Kit Permissions NONE! Configuration you can add kit with config.yml ex You can change block/item for kit Archer/Mage you can create with ID Items ! is not easy ! Vidéo Comming Soooon..


Apr 26, 2014 NizarZa123 Release
MiAc Official Plugin in Bukkit How Use? This plugin is very simple to use just 1 Command to close inventory /mc close , that plugin is people command send me PM command you love ;) What doing this plugin? This plugin you can close inventory to player. Commands commanddescription /mc close <player>Close inventory to player. Permission permissiondescription miac.closeAcces Close inventory to player. Vidéo Comming soon ;)