Sep 24, 2016 Netrox Alpha
LegionBarKeeper This Addon is some kind of an ActionBar Saver but targeted at automatically syncing Actionbar for multiple specs of one character. You can configure each SLOT in an Actionbar to be synced or not. NOTE This is an "early access" release. While i consider this addon as "mostly ready" and using it myself already its usage may change in the future. Basic Usage Type /lbk or /legionbarkeeper to open the configuration. You will see the 10 Actionbars on the left side and on the right...


Jul 29, 2016 Netrox Release
This library provides a small API to build config trees for AceConfig-3.0. API Doc This API is a wrapper around the AceConfig-3.0 Options Tables and most of the parameter names are equal to thier name in the config table. I decided not to document/explain every argument for every method. Most of the argument names equal thier counterpart in an Options Table entry, therefore those should already be known or for those new to AceConfig-3.0 i suggest to read thier docs first regardles of this...