Jul 26, 2016 MuffinManKen Release
This library adds new data sets for use with LibPeriodicTable. It is intended to be embedded in the same way as the core LibPT data sets are. Please see LibPeriodicTable for more information. These files are more granular than the core sets; for example there is a file for Sunsong Ranch data and a file for Gem data. Include the ones you need and you don't have a lot of extra data taking up memory. In case it's not obvious, LibPeriodicTable-3.1 is required. Sets are: Muffin.Battle Pet Items...


Jun 25, 2015 MuffinManKen Release
MuffinDarkmoonHelper makes a few things in Darkmoon Faire a little bit easier. Right now it allows: Single-click use of bandages on Injured Carnies Single-click use of wrench on damaged Tonks This is hard-coded to use the middle mouse button, but I'll add configuration for that.


Jun 24, 2015 MuffinManKen Release
The standard Guild Message of the Day is often overlooked by players because it typically scrolls off the viewable chat area due to mods logging information and Blizzard's welcome message. This makes the MOTD a much less effective communication tool than it could be. This mod pops up a dialog when you first log in to show you the Message of the Day. Click the okay button and it goes away. If the MOTD is changed while you're logged on it will pop up again. If you're in combat when the MOTD...