ButtonTimers 1


Aug 17, 2016 Misen Release
ButtonTimers is action buttons with timers attached. The timers can be configured to show a buff/debuff or the cooldown of a spell. The timers are highly configurable, with lots of options to play with. Important note: There are a limited number of action slots (1-120). These correspond to 10 bars of 12 buttons each. These are the same 120 slots that every action bar mod has to use (Bartender, PitBull, Blizzard's standard UI, etc.) Chances are you aren't using all 12 slots on all 10 bars. You...


Feb 14, 2010 Misen Planning
This is a helper add-on for the less-rabi achievement. Whenever Moorabi's transformation spell is interrupted, it will pop up a timer counting down the time until the next cast.