Jan 17, 2015 Malsomnus Release
This little add-on allows you to track any buffs or debuffs on yourself or anybody else. For each buff it can also display either the value or the number of stacks. For example, you might want to track the number of stacks of a boss debuff on the raid's tank, or you might want to track the value of Ignite on your target. The add-on works with the same unit names you might know from macros, such as "player", "target" or "pet", as well as specific character names. To track a new buff or debuff,...


Dec 22, 2014 Malsomnus Release
MyMagicMarker is a powerful tool that allows you to automatically mark mobs during combat. I wrote this add-on during a progression raid on Horridon HC, because DBM didn't have the option of marking the big adds (yes, I know they added it eventually). It's meant to give a raid leader all the flexibility that existing tools like DBM don't give you, plus a few more interesting features. So what does it do? Enter any mob's name, and select up to 8 marks for it. Mobs by that name will be marked...