Item slots


Sep 29, 2016 Lombra Release
Adds item slots to the dressing room so that dressed up items may be examined and removed. Right click an item to remove it. Known issues/limitations - Certain items that cannot be transmogrified cannot be identified correctly and will show up as a question mark. - Certain items will use the tooltip of their base item version. - Tabards cannot be identified. This will be fixed in patch 7.1.

Deadly Boss Mods Profiles

Oct 17, 2014 Lombra Release
This addon implements AceDB profiles for Deadly Boss mods, allowing you to share settings among characters. Dual spec profiling is supported. To manage profiles, open the Deadly Boss Mods configuration window using '/dbm', and select the Profiles category in the Options tab. The profile controls all DBM related settings, including core, bar and module settings. Notes: - Existing settings will not be imported. Default settings will be used for newly created profiles. - Some widgets in the...