Aug 23, 2016 Llanilek Release
Ankylos EU Draenor - Guild gag addon pack. We enjoy using gag so much in our raids that we decided to make our own sounds pack.

RoboKings Loot System

Aug 02, 2013 Llanilek Planning
The guild Ankylos of EU-Draenor use a very simple loot system that involves players being "locked out" of a specific tier for the rest of the week. The way that Ankylos do this is by using Robocouncil from askmrrobot to decide who gets to roll on a piece of loot be it upgrade or bis items. When a player rolls on a piece of gear they are then locked out of that type of item for the rest of the raid lockout until reset. We have 3 lockout lists. Weapons & Jewellery Non Tier Armor Tier tokens So...