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Jul 13, 2014 LimeByte Release
What is BattleNight? BattleNight is an organized PvP CraftBukkit plugin which makes the normal PvP experience a lot more enjoyable by adding configurable RPG like classes and a arena system. Some of the major features are: Easy to set up Easy to use Build your own Arenas! Create your own classes! Multiple Battle types (TDM, FFA) Permissions (SuperPerms) or Op State saving Music Update checking (Can be disabled in config.yml) Getting Started A quickstart guide, command list and more can be...


Oct 01, 2013 LimeByte Release
What is FaultyBoneMeal? FaultyBoneMeal is a plugin that restores Vanilla Bone Meal behavior to CraftBukkit. It works by checking if the block Bone Mealed by the Dispenser is fully grown or non-growable. If it is the Bone Meal will not be used up when dispensed. Installation Simply download the latest FaultyBoneMeal.jar and add to your plugins folder. There is no commands, configuration or permissions required for it to work. Source The source code is available up on GitHub. Fellow plugin...


Sep 18, 2013 LimeByte Release
What is DeathStrike? DeathStrike is an addon for BattleNight that simply adds a hunger games like lightning strike that signifies a player has been killed during a battle. Simply add to your plugins folder and it will integrate into BattleNight, there is no configuration or permissions required for it to work. Donating I'm a student who spends a lot of time working on BattleNight and BattleNight addons so any donations are greatly appreciated. The donate link is located at the top right of...


Aug 05, 2012 LimeByte Release
What is HelpGUI? HelpGUI (originally named SpoutHelp) is a GUI help menu which is accessible by the help command and is made for easy accessibility by players using the Spoutcraft client. Requirements SpoutPlugin (Server side) Spoutcraft (Client side) Features Easy to use GUI accessible by the /help command Support for non Spoutcraft users Word-wrapping Multiple Pages Colour and Style support Customisable background and icons Customisable title Customisable tool-tips Screenshot How do I use...


Apr 16, 2012 LimeByte Release
SpoutHelp has moved! SpoutHelp has been moved and renamed to HelpGUI. It can now be found here.

Counter Craft

Oct 14, 2011 AJCStriker Planning
Development Blog | GitHub Code Repository What is CounterCraft? CounterCraft aims to recreate the gameplay of Counterstrike: Source in Minecraft. Ideally it will retain the skill level needed to excel at Counterstrike, while at the same time having the unique charm which makes Minecraft such an awesome game. Like with Counterstrike: Source, we are planning for CounterCraft to be easily accessible to the more casual Minecraft community, while still rewarding players with godlike reaction...
  • 6 bukkit plugins found