Juwe: Gem Stats instead of Names

Sep 28, 2016 Leilameda Release
Juwe Juwe is a modification for the Jewelcrafting Trade Skill Window. It shows the stats of a gem instead of its name. Also there is a small [ J ] button to disable the addon ingame so that you can see the gem names again. Credits: All credits for the code goes to p3lim! Thank you! Known bugs: 1. The name of Meta gems may be too long for the window in your language so it will pop out the window - but thats not a big deal. 2. Jewelcrafters epic gems won't work because they have a different...
Filtered Buffs

Raven Filter: Leila

Sep 22, 2016 Leilameda Release
Raven Filter: Leila will add a 'Spell list' dropdown menu to the Buff and Debuff tab of Raven Bar Groups. I use this plugin in LeilaUI if you need an Setup exampe or Raven SavedVariables. The plugin solves translation problems because the buffs added by spell ID will be translated into every Language automatically. I was inspired by Satrina Buff Frames 3 which had a simmilar option. This Spell Lists now includes over 2100 Spell ID's: Raid Debuffs = Special Raid debuffs, Dungeon debuffs, crowd...
Derpy Stuffing Bags

Derpy Stuffing Bags

Aug 28, 2016 humfras Release
One Bag addon updated and extracted from DerpyUI. Features Shows all bags as one big bag Option to auto stack items (click on >>20<<) Option to auto sort items by quality and category (click on Search bar opens when right-clicking on Search Clean black transparent and code based textures Bag can be moved around free without holding down alt key Bank can be moved separated from the bags Bag and bank position are saved whenever you move them Lock / Unlock bag/bank frames via /baglock...

Sound Pack

Feb 18, 2015 Leilameda Release
Sound Pack adds over 350 new Sounds to your Shared Media Library! This means you can use the sounds in every AddOn like BigWigs, Deadly Boss Mods, Raven etc. All sounds are very short, about 0.5 - 4 sec and mostly cut and volume adjusted by me. Sound Categorys: 01_Alarms+Bells: Alarms, Bells, Cartoon sounds etc. 02_Nature+Animals: (A- and N-*) Birds, Dogs, Cats, Murloc, Pikachu, Water, Thunder and Wind sounds 03_Say: (S-) Things that individuals say 04_Bodysounds: (B-) Farts, Screams, Snort,...
Bodyguard Focus Alert

Bodyguard Focus Alert

Dec 08, 2014 Leilameda Release
Never let your Bodyguard die again! BodyguardFocusAlert warns you with a Raid Warning Text and Sound when your Bodyguard gets below 60% HP. Important: You need to have set your Bodyguard as focus! All names were translated so it shoud work in all Languages. Code by Phanx - uploaded with permission.

Sword Art UI

Oct 13, 2014 humfras Alpha
This AddOn is a UnitFrame AddOn inspired by Sword Art Online (wikia). It features custom made artwork to make it look as close to the original as possible while being as informative as possible. This is still work in progress and is intended to grow to a complete UI modification/replacement. Current features UnitFrames player target targettarget party frames boss frames arena frames supports any valid unitId and player names from anyone in your party/raid Configuration Use /sau or /swordartui...