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Jul 28, 2016 Jamash Release
On Hiatus I'm not currently subscribed to World of Warcraft. I just moved, I am transitioning jobs and also earning a Bachelor of Science in Software Development from Western Governors University. I'm sorry, because I really want to maintain and improve Learning Aid. I just don't have enough time and money to spare to play WoW right now. I'd like to keep Learning Aid alive, but I only have the ability to play on my sub-20 characters and the PTR (when that's up). If anyone wants to contribute...

Developer Event Log

Mar 15, 2014 Jamash Planning
DevEventLog is an experimental AddOn. It is intended to eventually be a developer-friendly tool to track when UI events occur, and what order they occur in. For example, what events fire when swapping spec? Changing zone? Dying? Leveling up? I'd like to support flexible triggers, logging options, and export as Lua tables or CSV.