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Baggins Scrap

Jul 02, 2015 Jaliborc Release
Overview This addon creates a Scrap section for Baggins. Logically, it will require both Baggins and Scrap to work. Notes For feedback, support, suggestions and bug reports, feel free to post a ticket. Please consider supporting Scrap with a donation. Visit me at jaliborc.com!


Apr 28, 2011 Jaliborc Mature
This library determines which items are usable or not for the player's class. Provides the following API: .IsItemUnusable([itemID, itemName, itemLink, itemString]) .IsClassUnusable(itemSubClass, [itemSlot]) Usage To access Unfit methods, simply retrieve it from LibStub: -- Get the lib local Unfit = LibStub("Unfit-1.0") -- Do whatever you want Unfit:IsItemUnusable(myItem) Useful Links GetItemInfo Item SubTypes Item Equip Slots
An Example


Jan 30, 2011 Jaliborc Mature
This library makes easy the creation of custom tutorials for your addons. It provides the following API: .RegisterTutorials(id, data) .TriggerTutorial(id, index, force) .ResetTutorials(id) .GetTutorials(id) Accessing The easiest way to access CustomTutorials methods is to embed them into your addon object: local Tutorials = LibStub("CustomTutorials-2.0") Tutorials:Embed(MyObject) But you may also set CustomTutorials as a local variable and call the methods directly....


Nov 21, 2010 Jaliborc Mature
EmbedHandler is a small library which allows to embed methods from one object into another. For example, it provides libraries the ability to embed themselves into other objects. Getting Started API List


Dec 08, 2009 Jaliborc Mature
ClassHandler is a small library which makes easier the creation of objects with common methods, in a similar way how frame classes behave. Getting Started API List