Oct 13, 2014 humfras Release
Displays a movable/resizable bar with ticks indicating expected time of next enemy auto attacks. Current target is marked with red, focus with yellow; white ticks are faded out depending on expected damage. Currently there is no support for dual wielding enemies, as the combat log API does not differentiate between main hand and off hand attacks, although it is somewhat possible to guess from damage.


Jul 05, 2011 Iroared Planning
This addon allows you to create flexible grids that help in positioning other addons' frames. For each cell in the grid you can choose a well-known addon frame, such as Bartender bars or various unit frames, or specify a custom access path to a frame if you know it. Flexible sizing options allow the grid to stretch well across different resolutions. FrameGrid is currently in developing stage, hopefully I'll have a working version soon.