RealUI localization

Sep 19, 2016 Gethe Alpha
This file is to assist in localization for RealUI. It is not a full addon.
Reagent and Glyphs


Aug 02, 2016 Gethe Release
This addon will add a "Save" button to the Talent/Glyph frame. Clicking this button will save your talent and glyph choices to the zone or subzone you are currently in. The next time you enter that zone, a row of icons will be displayed representing the talents or glyphs saved for that location. When you have six or less of the clearing reagent (Tomes of the Clear Mind, etc.), an icon will appear along with how much you have left. Slash Commands: /zonespec, /zs /zs toggle - Lock/Unlock the...


May 29, 2016 Gethe Inactive
This addon will automate the swaping of Sculpted Eaglebone Ring to ensure that you have perma water walking whenever in the open world. It will re-equip your previous ring when you enter an instance (eg. Raid, BG, etc.) and also when logging out.
Test bars


Nov 16, 2015 Gethe Release
Skins for DBM and BigWigs designed with the look of RealUI. RealUI is a compilation created by Nibelheim, and can be found here.


Feb 24, 2015 Gethe Release
A module for Skada that tracks pickups and AoE bursts from Gift of the Serpent healing orbs.


Oct 14, 2014 Gethe Release
A clone of the mobile game Threes! for WoW. This is a puzzle game where you try to match duplicate numbers together. Use /threes to open. Play using the arrow keys. The mouse must be over the tile area for the game to intercept key presses. Looking for a better solution. TODO: Scores Sliding animations when the tiles move.