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Jul 13, 2013 FurmigaHumana Alpha
CreativeControl CreativeControl is an complete and powerfull suite designed to provide almost full control over creative players, it was built to safely grant creative access to any player without letting them give/stole items, you can use it to make constructions, improve your vip packages and anything else related to creative. With per-world configurations and a full availability of settings and permissions, you can define every single function of the plugin as you want. Pages: Permissions...


Jun 16, 2013 FurmigaHumana Release
FAntiXRay ATTENTION: This plugin has to be completely rewritten to work on newer versions of craftbukkit. I dont have time to do this right now, dont expect an update any time soon. I'll update, but not right now. FAntiXRay is a powerfull and lightweight tool designed to provide protection against x-ray mod. This plugin will rewrite the chunk before it is send to the client providing full protection against almost all x-rays mods out there. This doesn't modifies the world in any kind of way....

FLockClient - Server

Jun 09, 2013 FurmigaHumana Release
FLockClient ATTENTION: At this time I'm not able to maintain this project. If any experienced developer wants to maintain this project while I can't, contact-me. FLockClient is a small and simple tool to force players to use the server defined .jar, It might be useful to modded server and also can work to prevent hacked clients, forcing all the players to use a clean .jar. A client-side modification is required. Pages: Instructions || Permissions || Key Numbers || Jenkins Features Highly...
  • 3 bukkit plugins found