What Just Procced

Jul 23, 2016 Farmbuyer Mature
This addon feeds off the "Spell Alerts" that Blizzard added to the game in Cataclysm, incorporating many of the various HUD-type spell/proc alerting mods out there. The downside of the builtin Spell Alerts is that for new players, there's no easy way to tell which flashy thing in the middle of the screen corresponds to which flashy button on their action bars, especially when their talents are proccing often in a short period. What Just Procced is a training helper for the builtin alerts....
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Which Rank Does What

Jul 23, 2016 Farmbuyer Release
Displays a grid of guild ranks versus guild permissions, including permissions for each tab in the guild vault. This information is primarily displayed by Blizzard's builtin Guild Control button on the guild window's Info tab, but that button is only clickable if you are the guildmaster. D'oh! This addon is intended for the rest of us. Use /wrdw to toggle the window on/off. There are some very minimal options available through the usual Interface menu, one of which makes the Guild Control...

Widest Audience

Jul 23, 2016 Farmbuyer Release
The "/wide" command acts the same as: /raidwarning, if you're a raidleader or raid assistant, or /raid, if you're in a raid as a normal member, or /party, if you're in a normal group, or /say, otherwise It's meant for macros like "/wide Sheeping %t, stop kicking it!". I can't stand the addons which send to /yell and /raid and /party, because it's useless noise for the other 4 people in your group. And having to edit the macros to change between them is a pain. Thus, this mod.