In the Park

Nov 23, 2010 Demonette Release
A small 2 player melee map, with a few small (maybe funny) things on it. Normal multiplayer units are used. Nothing stuning.


Jun 23, 2010 Demonette Alpha
Desertinfestation is a medium map for up to two player. It will be also playable against AI (if i will get a working one later). There will also be some modification to the gameplay, like [X] Day&Nightsystem with effects on the LOS (done so far, maybe there will be some changes later) [_] Dynamic Weathersystem (only planned sofar) [X] UI to display the Daytime (and later on also warn you for upcomming weather events) [X] Biosensor added to Zerg-Units (to buff them at night) so they are able...