Who Taunted in Action

Who Taunted?

Jul 23, 2016 Davie3 Release
Who Taunted? About Tracks player taunts and displays who they taunted, what ability they used to taunt, and if it failed in some way. Change Log v1.2 7.0.3/Legion compatibility. Initial support for Demon Hunters. v1.1.11 6.2 compatibility. v1.1.10 6.1 compatibility. v1.1.9 Fixed a bug where WhoTaunted would not be disabled in battlegrounds regardless of the setting. Added a new option to disable WhoTaunted while in PvP zones (such as Ashran). v1.1.8 Update for patch 6.0.2. Bug fixes. Removed...
Frostweave Cloth Example

Reagent Helper 2: Remastered

Feb 09, 2013 Davie3 Inactive
Reagent Helper 2: Remastered About Inspired by the original addon by Tuatara from Cosmos UI comes Reagent Helper 2: Remastered. RH2 shows within a reagent item's tooltip the Profession and/or Class it is used for. Type /rh2 in game to configure Reagent Helper 2. I am not the original author of Reagent Helper nor was I ever apart of the original project, CosmosUI, etc. I am merely an addon author who decided to bring it back. Change Log v2.1 Long overdue DB update. Support for Mists of...

The Error is a Lie

Oct 12, 2010 Davie3 Inactive
Due to changes made to WoW in 3.2 a lot of "You are not in a party/guild/raid" spam has been created. It is triggered mostly from addons. So I made this simple addon that filters out all "You are not in a party/guild/raid" spam because it annoys me and because I can :).
WhoPinged in Action

Who Pinged?

Aug 13, 2009 Davie3 Inactive
Who Pinged? About Displays players who have pinged the minimap in the chat window. frFR (French): Needed deDE (German): Needed koKR (Korean): Needed zhCN (Chinese (simplified)): Translated by wowui.cn zhTW (Chinese (traditional)): Translated by wowui.cn ruRU (Russian): Needed esES (Spanish Spain): Needed esMX (Spanish Mexico): Needed Questions, Comments, Problems, Suggestions? Feel free to post any of these right here! Please, though, post any serious problems or bugs Feel free to post any of...