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HoloFriends (continued)

Oct 20, 2016 Andymon Release
Translation of this page to: (enUS) (deDE) HoloFriends (continued) v0.470 This addon implements an extended friends window in WoW to offer you a better management of your friends and ignores. For an overview and some help have a look at the screenshots: New features in this version: * HoloFriends got a search function (mass invite in the search group) * Popup window if a monitored friend came online Fixes in this version: *...

AtlasMajorCities Enhanced

Oct 11, 2016 Andymon Release
AtlasMajorCities Enhanced 1.00 This addon extends the functionality of the addon Atlas, to browse the major city maps with all important non-playing characters (NPCs). It also include an advanced search function. Some more functions: it uses the in-game city maps (the image folder of the addon include only dummy images, because Atlas require it) it overlay labels to the map, using an in-game font (should scale with the used resolution) it shows the list of NPCs at a tooltip if the mouse move...