Battleground Radar

Oct 03, 2016 Andols Beta
This addon will triangulate enemies in battlegrounds and show them on your map. The idea behind this addon is to with a quick glance on your map be able to get an estimate of the enemy's positions and how many they are, For this to work 2+ in your group needs to have this addon. It scans any nameplate shown, your target/focus mouseover and sends the information to your group. If 2 or more from your teams sends information about the same enemy a position will be triangulated and shown on the...

Train All

Jul 30, 2016 Andols Release
Train All is a simple QoL Addon. It adds a "Train All" button to the profession trainer window. When the button is pressed you will automaticly train Available skills so that you don't have to spam the "Train" button manually. Thanks to "TheDivinaldes" on reddit for the idea.


Jul 20, 2016 Andols Release
Enables you move the order of your reputation categories. You can only move the categories not the individual reputations. (Might get added in the future) Similar to CurrencySorter.


Jul 19, 2016 Andols Release
Enhances the function of the standard bag search field. You can now also search for. Armor type Armor slot Stats Item Level A combination of the above
Dungeon Statistics


Jul 19, 2016 Andols Release
Keeps track of witch dungeon you are getting when doing random dungeons. Keeps track of which Battleground you are getting when doing random Battleground. Keeps track of Win/Loss in battlegrounds.


Jul 19, 2016 Andols Release
Adds buttons to make you change order of the categories on your currency window.

Dey fightin

Jul 18, 2016 Andols Release
Will play Phemos "Oy! Dey fightin'!" sound file when you get a auto response from Deadly Boss Mods. Thanks to LeonusStarwalker on reddit for the Idea.

Garrison Shuffle

Jul 18, 2016 Andols Release
Adds a Shuffle button to your Garrison Jukebox Press Shuffle to play a random song. You can also sort the list in Alphabetical order