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    We've been having a lot of issues with the curse client not supporting non zip files. The lack of support for the other various compression formats is a simple matter of not wanting to bloat the client with libs to handle them.

    So for WoW and WAR we've decided to start blocking the uploads of the following file types.

    • rar
    • ace
    • 7z
    • tar
    • gz
    • bz2

    This means that if you want to upload a compressed file it should be a .zip file.

    We're sorry for any inconveniences this may cause and we may reexamine at this to figure out a better solution in the future. But for now please re-upload file of the disallowed types if you wish for them to be the main file for your project.

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    Hi guys!

    We've begun a short public beta phase for the new WowAce.

    All users can log in now, not just a select few alpha testers that we had previously.

    Projects have been imported to test and play with. Note: these will all be deleted and a fresh slate will be provided.

    You may notice that most projects belong to the wowaceSVN user. This is because our importer can't figure out whose projects are whose in the general case. If you want to claim your project easily, make sure that your X-Email in your TOC file matches your Curse account. Alternatively, you can wait until after the transition and have a moderator assign properly.

    We expect to start the real transition sometime on Friday, September 19, 2008.

    Hey guys, sorry for doing this, but we need a few more days to run all the data import scripts, so we're expecting the transition to happen either Tuesday(23rd) or Wednesday(24th) at this point.

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