Curse and WoWInterface working together to help protect our authors and other site-users

Posted by Kaelten Apr 13, 2009 at 19:24 UTC

Recently Curse and WoWInterface got together to come up with a solution for an ongoing problem. The problem in question is WowMatrix. The reasons they are a problem are many:

  • WowMatrix violates author copyright and intellectual property rights:
    • They redistribute addons without authors' permissions;
    • When they first started they would scrape the legimate sites for addons then upload them to their own site in addition to deep-linking from the sites;
    • They edited authors' files to remove donation requests and links to their home sites, etc.; and
    • They have failed on many occasions to honour authors' requests to remove addons from their application;
  • In a lot of cases the files served to users have been many versions out of date. This leads to authors having users complain about bugs, bugs that were fixed days or weeks ago in versions that are available on the legitimate sites, causing problems for both the authors and for the end-users;
  • Until the community raised a hue and cry, WowMatrix didn't even supply the authors' names as to who wrote the addon, let alone provide a link to where the addon was legitimately hosted;
  • WowMatrix leeches from the legitimate hosting sites without permission, let alone compensation. Originally, they scraped our sites so they could upload addons to their own site without permission, in addition to deeplinking from our sites. They have finally stopped hosting the addons on their own site, but they still deeplink from our sites, using our resources to run their program. Curse and WoWInterface use a lot of bandwidth every month which costs a lot of money. The way we pay our bills is through site ads, which are directly dependent on users viewing them, and premium memberships. WowMatrix bypasses our download pages, and, as a result, people are not viewing the ads. Of course, this means the ads aren't generating any revenue to pay for the bandwidth. At the rate they were going, if they were allowed to continue using our resources without any compensation, they were going to drive us right out of business. Not only are they stealing our bandwidth and preventing us from being able to recoup that loss, they also have their own ads all over their site and application. They are directly profiting from the stolen bandwidth; and
  • Due to the massive resource drains they put on our sites, we have all experienced heightened loads and weaker performance, especially on patch days. During those days they download so much from our sites that sometimes we have a hard time keeping up to the demands; thus causing legitimate users to experience problems accessing our sites. That's just flat out unacceptable.

For months now, both sites and multiple authors have been trying to come up with solutions to the problems caused by WowMatrix. However, WowMatrix just keeps ignoring authors' requests to remove their addons from their application, working around the protections we have put in place, and proving repeatedly that they have no intention of ever becoming responsible, legitimate members of the community. Instead, they choose to continue to leech off the community. Well we, Curse and WowInterface, have gotten together and between us we believe we may have found a solution to prevent them from pulling authors' addons from our sites to redistribute without permission and stealing our bandwidth any longer. Unfortunately we cannot release details on the solution, so as to keep it viable.

"Yeah yeah yeah, blah blah, get to the important question: What does this mean for me, your sites' user?" For the majority of users it should be completely transparent, you should not notice any difference whatsoever, other than improved site responsiveness during patch days. We hope that we will be able to revert the changes made to our sites eventually, if WowMatrix ever stops violating authors' copyright and ceases stealing our bandwidth and other resources.

If you were previously using WowMatrix to keep your addons updated, please use our official updaters (Curse, WoWInterface). You may also mark addons as favorites on both WoWInterface and Curse in order to be alerted when they are updated.

Administrator, Curse & WowAce

Administrator, WoWInterface

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Donation links on

Posted by Kaelten Apr 02, 2009 at 16:07 UTC

As just about everyone knows, recently Blizzard released a new policy that covers standards addon developers must adhere to in order to ensure their addons will not be blocked from running in the game. Part of this policy said that you cannot solicit donations from within the game as it is considered to be a form of advertising.

Yesterday, we pushed an update to that displays donation info on the addon details page and download pages to support authors who have spent their free time enriching the gaming experience for everyone.

For Users
Not everyone is able to donate, and even if you can doesn't mean you have to by any means. However, for those of you who can afford and are inclined to donate I'd recommend asking yourself a simple question:

When you setup a new copy of WoW or clear all your addons. What addons must you have before you're willing to play?

Those are the addons I'd personally consider donating to.

For Authors

To setup donation info just follow the steps below.

  1. Go to your project's page on CurseForge or WowAce
  2. From the actions select "Edit donation info"
  3. Complete the form and hit the "Edit donation info" button

From all of us at, I'd like to thank all the addon authors out there who spend so much time developing addons that makes all of our gaming experiances that much better.

Happy Coding!

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Announcing our new dating section

Posted by ckknight Apr 01, 2009 at 13:43 UTC

This is an April Fool's joke

If you're an addon author like me, you probably got in the game for the sweet, sweet ladies. It just seems that meeting them has been a pain, so Kaelten and I (ckknight) have been collaborating on the design of the new dating system.

Through our dating system, you, an addon author, can easily pick up the fangirl honeys. You will be put through a rigorous test to check for your 57 points of compatibility that will be automatically matched with fangirls in the community based on their previously made forum posts.

You may be wondering, "ckknight, how awesome is this?" The answer is obviously lots. Lots awesome.

From our initial run, due to the small authorbase (relatively) and the large fangirl base, we will be able to assign up to 274 unique fangirls to each author. So if you feel self-conscious about a date with one, or didn't realize you had lettuce in your teeth, don't worry, just skip that one and go to the next. We have a speed-dating system set up so that you'll spend 3 minutes with one girl and then move onto the next. Unlike other speed dating you may have seen, read about, or participated in, you will be the only male with upwards of 20 to 30 females all wanting a piece of you. Remember, these are girls who already love you and probably have a shrine to you and for you.

We at want to give something back to the author community, and this is the best way we know how.

Do I hear wedding bells? Wedding

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CurseForge, WowAce, and the future

Posted by ckknight Mar 27, 2009 at 20:52 UTC

Hello friends, ckknight here.

Some of you may be wondering what the next step for CurseForge/WowAce might be. You may have seen the piles of tickets that the CurseForge project has and it can be disheartening.

So, I'd like to let you know that development absolutely has not stopped. We have limited resources with regards to manpower, as it has been essentially just one person (me, ckknight) doing nearly all the work on the site itself. Kaelten has been working furiously on the Curse Client, and I think we can all agree that it has blossomed under his guidance.

I've been working on the upcoming Author Rewards Program and Author Store, for when we launch Curse Premium and the Author Rewards Program soon.

The current gameplan is to completely overhaul the HTML and CSS on the website. While we previously had a frontend developer working with us, that is no longer the case and hasn't been for about a year, causing general bad practices to leak into our display code. This will lead to an overall greater polish for both WowAce and CurseForge. Things will also be very easy to change and add to in the future.

As it stands, if we want to add any new features, wrestling with the CSS has become a case of the Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly, where anything we do can cause a ripple effect, leading to slower development and an overall lack of polish.

Once this is finished, the website should act a lot more consistently, provide a better user experience, and allow further extensibility in the future. Also, we'll be able to call ourselves "Web 2.0" if we have rounded corners and gradients, right? ;-)

For an idea of some of the future ideas we have, so you know that we actually have future ideas:

  • User-submitted guides
  • Web-based repository browser
  • Ticket enhancements
  • Various bugfixes and small features.

If you have any ideas, we're more than willing to hear them through CurseForge's ticket system. Also, if you see a good idea, feel free to vote it up. That's a big reason on how we prioritize the next thing to do.

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Curse Client 3.0 Release & New Mac Beta

Posted by Kaelten Mar 23, 2009 at 19:43 UTC

Curse Client 3.0 Release

I just wanted to take out a few moments and let everyone know that friday we released the 3.0 client to our entire userbase. It's been a long time coming, but I feel it fixes the majority of issues people have raised.

Some of the highlights:

  • Redesigned User Interface
  • More accurate addon identification
  • Revaluated Defaults settings
  • More features (including whether or not to use embedded libraries)
  • Numerous bug fixes and stability improvements

Not only that but....

Mac Client 3.0 Beta Release!

We managed to get you a mac client beta out on Friday as well! This was a personal victory for me as I'm now actively working on the code for the mac client. In addition to the above changes we are happy to announce that updates are now done through Sparkle (same update mechanism used by Adium, Textmate and many other mac apps).

We are still in beta here as wxWidgets' implementations can drastically differ on mac vs pc, as a result we're working hard to iron out issues, and will be putting out updates all this week until we're at a more stable point.

However, there are a few...

Known Issues

Upload mistakes

Over the last week we've had a few authors mistakenly upload either the wrong file or files with invalid layouts that have caused the client's fingerprinting to mistake people's folders for the wrong addon.

Two known examples of this are Ace3 and Auctioneer getting flagged as Tournament Realm Spy and epgp. We've fixed it server side however the client won't just 'forget'. You'll need to remove the false match and in some cases reinstall the new correct match.

Mac Issues

  • A crash that can happen on load in the sort routine
  • A soft crash where the client stops displaying data and buttons fail to do anything
  • Menu options being decidedly 'unmacish'

Reporting Issues & Discussion




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