I am gone till august so i will not be able to update any of my addons till then. If something breakes and you think you can patch it feel free the repo should be open to anyone

YssEquipmentBroker is LDB feed that shows you which (if any) Blizzard Equipment Sets you are currently wearing. if clicked it will show you your list of Equipment Sets which you then may click to equip. If the set name is in red some or all items are not in your inventory or bags.

But it does not end here if you equip a set via the dropdown and you are in combat or are dead it will try to equip as many items as possible and then wait till you are out of combat/alive to equip the rest.

As i wanted to keep the addon as small as possible only LDB the dropdown is generated via the UIDropDownMenu methods provided by Blizzard (thanks Xinhuan for your great guide on how to use them)

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