I am gone till august so i will not be able to update any of my addons till then. If something breakes and you think you can patch it feel free the repo should be open to anyone

this is a simple Broker Plugin for your Broker Launchers

basically by default when you hover over it it displays all your broker launchers in the tooltip which you may then interact with. You may also display other Broker plugins but i did not design it for that so your mileage may vary.

If your plugin list grows to big or you want to make the tooltip smaller it will add a scrollbar so that you can still get all your options

You do not need a broker display for this addon to work but you will have to turn on the minimap icon in the addon options.

Below is an example of how many launchers it got rid of for me


This display display does not support Secure frames/functions you will most likely get a Addon Blocked error if you try to use a BrokerPlugin via YssDrop that tries to call a secure function you will have to keep using without YssDrop and disable them from YssDrop if they keep causing addon Blocked errors

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