Multiplayer tetris game based on TetriNET.

How to play

  • Click the minimap icon, your LDB display or type /wtn to open the game.
  • Click on Create game to host a new game.
  • Click on Invite player to add more players to the game. Note that they must be in your party or raid.
  • Click on Start game to begin playing. Controls will only be active while the mouse pointer is under the game frame.


Controls can be configured in the interface options dialog. By default, controls are:

  • Movement: left, right and down arrow keys.
  • Rotation: up arrow key.
  • Drop piece: space bar.
  • Use a special: 1-6 to send it to that player.


Please check the Wikipedia article on TetriNET to learn about the effects of each special block.


  • Keep highscores and share them via guild addon channel
  • In game chat
  • Custom game modes (allow pure games, different chances for specials etc)

Note to St0rmCat/the original author of TetriNET: I have been unable to contact you. If you would like to have the music or sound effects removed from this game, please contact me.

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Date created
Jul 19, 2010
Last updated
Sep 13, 2012