Wipemate is a statistics add-on that displays a list of raid members, sorted by kills or wipes. It gathers this information automatically each boss fight. In addition, you can manually add values ​​to the raid.

! Warning !

This addon is still under development. It is full of bugs and it be lacking the targeted features.

ALPHA Don't use it for real raids at the moment


  • Automaticly tracks the number of wipes and kills of the raid
  • Add manualy wipes and kills
  • Show ranking of players (sort by kills or wipes)


Use /wm to display the Wipemate Window. Click the Wipe or Kill button to add a point to the list.


If you found a bug please report the bug via the wowace ticket system.

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Date created
Mar 24, 2011
Last updated
Apr 06, 2011