WIM (WoW Instant Messenger) v3


You received a whisper which was hidden due to your current activity. You can change how whispers behave in WIM's options by typing

You can <Shift-Click> a tab and drag it out into it's own window.

You can resize a window by holding <Shift> and dragging the bottom right corner of the window.

You can group two or many windows together by <Shift-Clicking> a window and dragging it on top of another.

You can control how windows behave while you are in different situations.

You are about to restore WIM's filters to it's default settings!

You are about to clear all of WIM's history!


Window Width

Windows will close when opening the world map.

Windows will also be hidden when frames such as the world map are shown.

Window Strata:

Window Skin:

Window Settings

Window Scale (Percent)

Window Scale

Window Resized!

Window Height

Window Behavior

Window Alpha

WIM (WoW Instant Messenger)

WIM Update Available!

WIM's message window has been hidden to WIM's Minimap Icon. If you want to end a conversation, you may do so by <Shift-Clicking> the close button.

WIM Slash Commands

WIM pruned %d |4message:messages; from your history.

WIM is currently running. To access WIM's wide array of options type:

WIM History Viewer can be accessed any time by typing:

WIM History Viewer

WIM History Button

WIM can store conversations to be viewed at a later time.

WIM-2-WIM is a feature which allows users with WIM to interact in ways that normal whispering can not.

Whispers Sent by Addons

WhisperSelect Part 2

WhisperSelect Part 1


Whisper Received!



Web URLs

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