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33 - Wanted: aura type that shows action better

I love WeakAuras, but I've found that the vast majority of my auras follow the exact same pattern, which is a group containing two (or sometimes more, I'll elaborate) auras, whose sole job is to display an ability if it's usable, display its cooldown if it's on cd, or display a dimmed version of the ability if it's off cd and not usable. Basically, display what the button on my action bar is displaying.

The way it accomplishes this is by having the first aura be responsible for usable/cd. It's a single aura, with two Any triggers. The first is Cooldown Progress (Spell), with the desired spell. The second is Action Usable, with the same spell. In Display I have Cooldown and Inverse both checked.

The second aura is responsible for the dimmed display when the action is off cd and unusable. It also has two triggers, this time set to All. They're identical to the triggers in the first aura, except Inverse is checked. This aura has the color set to something around 30% grey.

The problem with this is it's awkward to set up new auras, I basically have to export existing ones, re-import, and modify the trigger spells and load conditions. Also, in the aura list, every group shows up as the same grey square.

What I'd really like is a new display type tailored to this type of display. If that's not doable, then maybe a new trigger type that combines Action Usable and Cooldown Progress (Spell) into a single trigger. The latter would at least allow me to then combine that trigger using All with other conditions (e.g. Bear Form), although it doesn't solve my other complaints (the awkwardness of creating new auras, the grey boxes in the aura list, etc).


Occasionally I vary from this pattern a bit. This is primarily for auras with longer cooldowns (e.g. 15+ seconds) that I want to hide out of combat, except I want to show the cooldown out of combat (so I know if it's going to be ready when I go into combat). For these I split the first aura into two, one for Action Usable and one for Cooldown Progress (Spell), so I can require In Combat for the first and not the second. If this could be accounted for somehow in the proposed new display type, that would be great.

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    As you allude to in your last paragraph, sometimes you want those auras to have different settings and not just being gray. So that requires having every setting twice, one for the on cooldown and one for the off cooldown case. That's not different from what you have currently with 2 triggers.

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