16 - WakeSpams does not detect Power Word: Barrier

I have tried multiple options, but I cannot make WakeSpams detect and print the Cast and/or duration for PW: Barrier ( ID: 62618 ). The spells doesnt seem to print anything on the combat log, so maybe that is the issue? Any work around?

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Hiwashi Oct 21, 2012 at 20:43 UTC Create

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    WakeSpams does not parse tooltips so it cannot detect durations of spells that don't apply auras (with duration). This means that you have to enter the duration manually, which is possible in the edit spell section.

    Here are the steps to add Power Word: Barrier to WakeSpams:

    1. Type /ws to bring up WakeSpams options
    2. Go to Priest, then go to Add Spell, type in 62618 and click OK.
    3. After that you get a popup asking you whether to do automatic or manual detection. Press Automatic.
    4. Cast Power Word: Barrier
    5. A popup should appear saying spell detection was successful, go back to the priest options and click edit on power word barrier and change the duration to 10 seconds. Don't forget to click "Okay" otherwise the changes won't be saved.

    Following the above steps, WakeSpams should announce Power Word: Barrier with the default message "Activated: [Power Word: Barrier] 10s!", which you can change if you wish. I have verified that it does work.
    Unfortunately WakeSpams can't currently announce fading of spells with duration-less auras.

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Oct 21, 2012
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