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UnSkyGolem will hide your character from showing when riding the Sky Golem to lessen the nauseating effect of it swaying all over the place. A dot (with a color of your choice!) will be placed in the middle of the screen when your character is hidden.

Basically, you won't feel like puking everywhere and will have a better idea of where your character actually is. Other mounts can be hidden as well.

How to use

UnSkyGolem is configured through slash commands. By default, only the Sky Golem is hidden and an 8x8 red dot is used.

/usg dot on|off|always
  (control dot displaying)

/usg size x [y]
  (control dot size)

/usg color r g b [a]
  (control dot color and alpha, values are in the range 0.0 - 1.0)

/usg on|off|flyonly|groundonly
  (enable/disable addon, or have it enabled only when flying / on ground)

/usg reverse
  (use this if the addon is working the opposite way, 
   i.e. your character is hidden when NOT riding the golem)

/usg list
  (list all mounts that hide your character)

/usg add
  (add the mount you're currently riding to the hide list)

/usg remove [id|all]
  (remove a mount id from the hide list, or all mounts)

/usg remove
  (remove currently ridden mount from the hide list)

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Date created
Jul 12, 2014
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Jul 14, 2014
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Public Domain
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