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ChangeLog networkerror networkerror Oct 29, 2014
ChangeLog v3.5.3 Verify API compatibility TOC Bump Localization update Docs update v3.5.2 TOC Bump v3.5.1 Remove commit hash from AddOn list Update changelog.txt Update change log Change TOC Title to include version Merge MoP branch v3.5.0 Filter trade by default Fix various db key typos Fix version output in configuration panel TOC bump to MoP Create branch Mists of Pandaria Change version output Fix GetNumPartyMembers() -> GetNumSubgroupMembers() Fix GetNumRaidMembers() ->...
Flow networkerror networkerror Sep 03, 2010
Filtering Priorities
Main networkerror networkerror Oct 10, 2011
A Simple World of Warcraft Spam Filter! Please help localize this project HERE TradeFilter does not only filter trade but has the ability to filter General, LookingforGroup, Say and Yell channels all which are configurable through the blizzard options panel. Channel Filters TradeFilter has a set of patterns for trade channel and separate set of patterns for all other channels, or "base" channels as we will call them. This allows the user to define what patterns may be good for trade but not...
default-filters networkerror networkerror Oct 29, 2014
TradeFilters default channel filters: Trade Filters: TRADE = { FILTER1 = "[bB][uU][yY][iI][nN][gG]", FILTER10 = "[lL][fF] [pP][oO][rR][tT]", FILTER2 = "[wW][tT][bBsStT]", FILTER3 = "[lL][fF][wWeE]", FILTER4 = "[lL][fF] [eE][nN][cC][hH][aA][nN][tT]", FILTER5 = "[lL][fF] [jJ][cC]", FILTER6 = "AH", FILTER7 = "looking for work", FILTER8 = "lockpick", FILTER9 = "[sS][eE][lL][lL][iI][nN][gG]", } Base Channel Filters: BASE = { FILTER1 = "[lL][fF]%d[mM]?", FILTER2 = "[lL][fF][mM]?", FILTER3 =...
default-lists networkerror networkerror Oct 29, 2014
TradeFilters default Black/White lists: White List: L.WHITELIST = { WLIST1 = "enchant:%d+[^%a%d]", WLIST2 = "item:%d+[^%a%d]", WLIST3 = "spell:%d+[^%a%d]", WLIST4 = "trade:%d+[^%a%d]", WLIST5 = "achievement:%d+[^%a%d]", WLIST6 = "quest:%d+[^%a%d]", } Black List: L.BLACKLIST = { BLIST1 = "%[.*%].*rectum", BLIST10 = "%[.*%].*%[dirge%]", BLIST2 = "rectum.*%[.*%]", BLIST3 = "%[.*%].*anal", BLIST4 = "anal.*%[.*%]", BLIST5 = "%[.*%].*in.*bed", BLIST6 = "in.*bed.*%[.*%]", BLIST7 =...
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