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Key: GC
English: Filter General Channel
Current Simplified Chinese: 过滤 <综合> 频道
Translated by wowuicn Jun 23, 2009
Key: GCD
English: Select this to apply filter to General Channel.
Current Simplified Chinese: 选中以过滤 <综合> 频道
Translated by wowuicn Jun 23, 2009
English: General
Current Simplified Chinese: 综合
Translated by wowuicn Aug 03, 2009
Key: GAC
English: Filter Guild AddOns Channel
Current Simplified Chinese: 过滤<公会插件>频道 [试验性质]
Translated by wowuicn Oct 29, 2014
English: Filter AddOns that make use of the hidden AddOns Guild channel. This Filter abides by the BASE Channel Filter list.
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  • 5 phrases found