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Track-o-Matique configuration screen

Track-o-Matique is considered obsolete due to the removal of the Improved Tracking talent in 4.0.1.

Thank you for your patronage.


Automatic tracking of the current target's creature type. For the discerning PvE hunter.

First and foremost targeted at the talent Improved Tracking, but it seems like it may be useful even outside of that.

Regarding the 3.0.8 Imp. Tracking mechanics change

As you all know, Improved Tracking got completely changed with 3.0.8, largely obsoleting the then-current version of Track-o-Matique. It doesn't completely remove the usefulness of this add-on however, so version 2.7 introduces the concept of "lazy tracking". With lazy tracking on, it will only update tracking types if you're tracking something that wouldn't grant the Improved Tracking bonus. This leads to less time spent swapping tracking types, and more time pew-pewing :)


Track-o-Matique can be used in one of two modes - automatic or manual. When in automatic mode, it will notice whenever you change your target and update your tracking to that creature type, if possible and necessary (depending on whether "lazy tracking" is enabled). It automatically ignores targets that are dead or otherwise not attackable. If you're busy (e.g. casting Steady Shot or channeling Volley) when you swap targets, Track-o-Matique will queue up the tracking change and switch as soon as you stop casting - this way it is guaranteed that you'll get the most out of your Improved Tracking talent.

If you prefer to not trust an add-on in fully automatic mode, you can use the manual mode and just add /tom to your attack macro(s) to ensure whatever you're attacking is tracked.


Track-o-Matique sports flexible configuration for when to enable automatic tracking:

  • Only while in Party/Raid
  • Only while spec'd for Improved Tracking
  • Only while in Combat Some of these are also available as keybinds for quick-toggling.

Additionally, you also have the option of restoring your previous tracking type when leaving combat. This is quite handy to switch back to tracking of resource nodes (mines, flowers, etc) whenever you're not in combat.

If you PvP, you might want to consider using the "Ignore Druids" option, which will stop you from changing tracking every time a targeted druid shape-shifts.

All configuration is done via the regular Interface options screen (Escape -> Interface -> AddOns -> Track-o-Matique). You can also use /track-o-matique to jump straight to the config screen.


The later versions of Track-o-Matique support localization, and work with the following clients:

  • US English
  • German
  • French (configuration screen not yet localized)
  • Russian (may not be 100% localized)
  • Spanish (configuration screen not yet localized)
  • Chinese

Beta notes

Information about the latest beta releases (if any):


If you liked this add-on, you might be interested in Ammo-matique as well.

Reporting bugs

If you find something that isn't working, please raise a ticket. I try to monitor the comments regularly, but if you raise a ticket I'll actually get an email about it, and won't miss it. Thanks!

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  • Avatar of Anyia3 Anyia3 Jan 23, 2009 at 05:01 UTC - 0 likes

    Hi there,

    With the new mechanics from 3.0.8 it is enough to track _any type of trackable mob_ in order to get the bonus. So, if you were tracking humanoids, you would get the damage bonus when fighting humanoids, dragonkins, beasts, undead, etc. If on the other hand you were tracking fishing nodes, you would not get any Imp.Tracking bonus applied.

    I'm planning to update this add-on to provide a "lazy tracking" option which will make it just check that you're tracking something useful when in combat, but not keep switching from humanoids to beasts to undead to what-not. Not sure when I'll find time for it; possibly the coming weekend.

  • Avatar of crisparsal85 crisparsal85 Jan 23, 2009 at 04:46 UTC - 0 likes

    Just had a question if this is still needed for Hunters with improved tracking. I read the blue post you had linked but the tooltip wording of Imp Tracking on live doesn't make it clear if we no longer need to track swap for different mobs.

    I'm still using the addon just in case of course.



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