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Tag |H| (Added in r49)

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    Hearthstone tag |H|The Commons| is very simple. it completes the objective if the Hearthstone binding is set to that inn.
    I know that there is an h command to do that but this is for other line shat should only be shown if the Hearthstone is not bound to that location

    It takes 1 input.

    1. Hearthstone Location.
      To be sure it's the right binding location, first bind to that location and check the system message.
      If you already are bind to that location, then you can use the slash command: /heartloc to get the location


    R Stormwind City |H|Old Town| |N|Run to Stormwind City to set Hearthstone to Old Town|
    This will complete if your Hearthstone is already set to Old Town.

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