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ExecutePercentage Execute Percentage

ExecutePercentageDesc Percentage health to consider 'execute range'.

FontSize Font Size

FontSizeDesc Adjusts the size of the timer text

HideInactive Hide When Inactive

HideInactiveDesc Hides the TTE frame when not tracking anything

MaxHistory Maximum History

MaxHistoryDesc Maximum number of data points to record. Can be used to throttle performance on slow computers. Recommended setting is 4 * Maximum Time.

MaxTime Maximum Time

MaxTimeDesc Maximum length in seconds of data points to record. Setting this longer will result in less erratic estimates, but the estimates will react slower to changes in DPS.

PositionLocked Lock Position

PositionLockedDesc Prevents draggable movement of the user interface

TimerHeight Timer Height

TimerHeightDesc Adjusts the height of each individual timer frame

TimerWidth Timer Width

TimerWidthDesc Adjusts the width of each individual timer frame

Visible Addon visible

VisibleDesc Determines whether or not the addon is ever visible. If disabled, this overrides all other visibility settings. Addon continues to function and provide data updates internally.

  • 18 phrases found