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Uses linear regression and a log of hitpoint values to estimate how long a boss has left to die and reach execute range.

Brief user guide

All configuration options can be accessed in the standard World of Warcraft Interface settings (Addon tab, under TimeToExecute). Hover over settings to see a detailed description of each option.

By default, TimeToExecute (TTE) shows two timers - the top timer indicates how long before the tracked mob reaches execute range (a configurable percentage - 20%, 35%, etc), and the bottom timer indicates how long before the tracked mob dies. If desired, setting execute percentage to 0% will hide the execute timer, and the interface will show only the kill timer.

If focus tracking is enabled (on by default), then setting the focus to your current target will mean subsequent changes to your active target will not lose the associated tracking data. When your focus dies, tracking reverts to your current target. To stop focus tracking, simply clear your focus. This functionality can be disabled in the configuration. It is suggested that you create a macro containing the text "/focus" and drag this to your bars, to assist in setting/clearing your focus - this is not handled by TimeToExecute automatically.

If you do not like the TimeToExecute interface, you can have it hidden by default, and use a LibDataBroker display addon such as Fortress to display TTE data in a custom fashion. Refer to Fortress or LibDataBroker documentation for more details.


  • Flexible timer uses a configurable amount of historic data (in seconds) to determine how quickly the target mob is currently dropping. Because only recent data is considered, the timer will constantly adjust its estimate to factor in heroism/bloodlust, DPS deaths, execute range, DPS stoppage phases, etc etc.
  • Ability to track focus (enabled by default, can be switched off in the configuration). If there is an enemy mob that is alive and focussed, the timers will track the focus instead of the current target. If the focus dies (or there is no focus set), tracking reverts back to the target.
  • A number of configuration options, including execute percentage, and how many historical data points to consider.
  • Minimalistic, movable interface. Some configuration, including dimensions and font size.
  • Lightweight - performs well and uses little memory.
  • Outputs both timers to LibDataBroker, with default UI able to be hidden, for custom data output.

Under development

A number of features are currently on the backburner, but should be included in TimeToExecute in the near future. Your feedback helps make these happen!

  • More attractive and configurable interface.
  • More "aware" estimation algorithm, that takes into account factors such as heroism ending.

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  • Avatar of Tifordin Tifordin Sep 03, 2009 at 10:09 UTC - 0 likes

    Yes, I did a little research today, and "locking" the target would be considerably more effort than I expected, as the API makes it difficult to track health based on GUIDs.

    So, as an in-between, I've now implemented the ability to track your current focus instead of the target. This is enabled by default, and can be disabled in the configuration. It's included in 0.2.6+.

  • Avatar of Manaman Manaman Sep 02, 2009 at 09:11 UTC - 0 likes

    Haven't tried the mod yet, but a comment on the "Ability to 'lock' the estimation target", just have an option to display for focus target instead of current target. I use Broket_Timetodie right now, and I edited the code to do the focus, as I am often the healer or in case I need to kill adds and whatnot, I can still see the estimate of whether we will meet an enrage timer, etc...



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Feb 03, 2009
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Mar 04, 2011
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