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Jan 04, 2014 Whitetooth Abandoned Optional dependency
Rating Buster - A tool for item comparison If you can help on localization updates, feel free to send me the files and I'll include them in the release Support Modules RatingBuster_AlwaysBuffed: http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/ratingbuster-alwaysbuffed.aspx This addon enables RatingBuster to calculate selected buff effects even if you don't really have them. About RatingBuster RatingBuster started out as an addon that converts combat ratings in your tooltips into...


Sep 26, 2009 Xit_Draka Abandoned Required dependency
Description This addon is an extension of Auctioneer Advanced. It provides you with upgrade choices based on values returned by the TankPoints addon. This addon requires both TankPoints and Auctioneer Advanced to be installed. How To Use Off-line Use Click Search Tab of Auctioneer. Expand Searchers and select TankPoints. Set other options as you like. Click Search. Real-time Use Ensure that TankPoints is selected in the list of searchers to use for Real-time Searches. Activate Realtime scanner
  • 2 reverse relationships found