171 - Bugout applying a self-made template

What steps will reproduce the problem?

1. On a character that has one spec with no talents selected, create a new Talented template for (in this case) a level 85 resto Druid.

2. Edit that template (after checkmarking the "Edit template" box) selecting each talent individually. Use all talent points.

3. Enter a name for the template in the whitespace at the top of the frame and press ENTER to save it.

4. Finally, click "Apply template" from the dropdown menu.

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?

Expected: the template to be properly applied to the Blizzard talent layout.

Instead: an error is thrown and the template is not applied. Also, the Talented frame unexpectedly switches to its "default" layout (Warlock).

What version of Talented are you using? what version of the Wow client are you using?

r745 in WoW 4.2.0A, USEnglish client/server.

Do you have an error log of what happened?

["message"] = "Talented-r745\\editmode.lua:57: bad argument #1 to 'ipairs' (table expected, got nil)\nTalented-r745\\editmode.lua:57: in function `GetTalentTabCount'\nTalented-r745\\editmode.lua:41: in function `GetTemplateMasteryState'\nTalented-r745\\apply.lua:90: in function `ApplyTalentPoints'\nTalented-r745\\apply.lua:65: in function `ApplyCurrentTemplate'\nTalented-r745\\core.lua:266: in function `SetMode'\nTalented-r745\\ui\\menu.lua:311: in function `func'\nInterface\\FrameXML\\UIDropDownMenu.lua:700: in function `UIDropDownMenuButton_OnClick':\n<string>:\"*:OnClick\":1: in function <[string \"*:OnClick\"]:1>\n",
			["type"] = "error",
			["time"] = "2011/08/08 16:28:25",
			["locals"] = {
				"self = <table> {\n CreateTemplateMenu = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\Talented\\ui\\menu.lua:104\n defaults = <table> {\n }\n OpenOptionsFrame = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\Talented\\ui\\menu.lua:26\n MakeArrow = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\Talented\\ui\\trees.lua:176\n GetTalentPrereqs = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\Talented\\spell.lua:200\n spelldata = <table> {\n }\n OnChatCommand = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\Talented\\core.lua:82\n HideTooltipInfo = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\Talented\\tips.lua:99\n ExportWhpetTemplate = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\Talented\\whpet.lua:93\n GetDefaultMode = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\Talented\\core.lua:277\n SetDefaultModulePrototype = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\Ace3\\AceAddon-3.0\\AceAddon-3.0.lua:425\n UpdateTemplateName = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\Talented\\core.lua:98\n GetMode = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\Talented\\core.lua:258\n SetTemplate = <function>", -- [1]
				" defined @Interface\\AddOns\\Talented\\core.lua:244\n SetMode = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\Talented\\core.lua:262\n RegisterMessage = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\AddonLoader\\CallbackHandler-1.0\\CallbackHandler-1.0.lua:118\n UnregisterMessage = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\AddonLoader\\CallbackHandler-1.0\\CallbackHandler-1.0.lua:181\n Update = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\Talented\\core.lua:366\n hooks = <table> {\n }\n GetPreviousTemplate = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\Talented\\core.lua:184\n SendCommMessage = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\Ace3\\AceComm-3.0\\AceComm-3.0.lua:87\n db = <table> {\n }\n mode = \"view\"\n UnregisterAllComm = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\AddonLoader\\CallbackHandler-1.0\\CallbackHandler-1.0.lua:202\n SetEnabledState = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\Ace3\\AceAddon-3.0\\AceAddon-3.0.lua:440\n Hook = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\Ace3\\AceHook-3.0\\AceHook-3.0.lua:277\n OpenTemplate = <function> define", -- [2]
				"d @Interface\\AddOns\\Talented\\core.lua:224\n OnEnable = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\Talented\\core.lua:357\n GetTemplateStringClass = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\Talented\\encode.lua:15\n MakeButton = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\Talented\\ui\\trees.lua:167\n ExportWowpetTemplate = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\Talented\\whpet.lua:103\n ImportTemplate = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\Talented\\core.lua:202\n Pool = <table> {\n }\n spellDescCache = <table> {\n }\n UnregisterAllEvents = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\AddonLoader\\CallbackHandler-1.0\\CallbackHandler-1.0.lua:202\n optionsFrame = <unnamed> {\n }\n Deserialize = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\Ace3\\AceSerializer-3.0\\AceSerializer-3.0.lua:240\n MakeActionMenu = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\Talented\\ui\\menu.lua:386\n TalentView = <table> {\n }\n GetName = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\Ace3\\AceAddon-3.0\\AceAddon-3.0.lua:300\n views = <table> {\n }\n name = \"Talented\"\n Upd", -- [3]
				"ateView = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\Talented\\viewmode.lua:47\n Disable = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\Ace3\\AceAddon-3.0\\AceAddon-3.0.lua:330\n GetOption = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\Talented\\options.lua:46\n Unhook = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\Ace3\\AceHook-3.0\\AceHook-3.0.lua:421\n Print = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\Talented\\core.lua:10\n UncompressSpellData = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\Talented\\spell.lua:97\n SetOption = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\Talented\\options.lua:39\n Serialize = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\Ace3\\AceSerializer-3.0\\AceSerializer-3.0.lua:116\n Debug = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\Talented\\core.lua:18\n EnableUI = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\Talented\\ui\\base.lua:278\n MakeTalentFrame = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\Talented\\ui\\trees.lua:156\n RegisterComm = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\Ace3\\AceComm-3.0\\AceComm-3.0.lua:63\n CopyTemplate = <function> de", -- [4]
				"fined @Interface\\AddOns\\Talented\\core.lua:159\n MakeBranch = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\Talented\\ui\\trees.lua:185\n IsTemplateAtCap = <function> defined @Interface\\Add", -- [5]
			["session"] = 3633,
			["counter"] = 1,

Please provide any additional information below.

After the above problem happens, go back & load the saved template (without relogging or closing the talent frame). Then click "Apply template" again. This time it applies the template properly to the Blizzard talent frame without a repeat of the error.

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Zidomo Aug 08, 2011 at 20:51 UTC Create

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Aug 08, 2011
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