142 - Templates is emptu

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Curse Client, Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7600.0

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For every character I have (of different classes) there are no Templetes working. I can only choose "Empty 0/0/0"

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It works every time on my computer. For both my wow-accounts. So it must be a major error

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Ace3 - Release-r981 Ackis Recipe List - 2.1.0 Advanced Trade Skill Window - v0.8.2 AHsearch - 40000-9 Archaeology Helper - Archaeology Helper 0.91 Atlas - Atlas v1.18.1 Atlasloot Enhanced - v6.01.02 Auctionator - Version 2.8.7 Auctioneer - Auctioneer Suite 5.9.4961 Bagnon - 2.14.0b (No Guild Bank) Cartographer - v2.5.6 Deadly Boss Mods - Deadly Boss Mods 4.70-r4833 Gatherer - 3.2.3 GatherMate2 - 1.10 GatherMate2_Data - v2.6 GearScore / PlayerScore - GearScore 4.1.03 HealBot Continued - ItemDataCache - ItemDataCache-v1-303.zip Market Watcher - Market Watcher 2.11 MountMe - v2.2.8 Omen Threat Meter - v3.1.0 PassLoot - r122 PassLoot_AtlasLoot - r12 Postal - v3.4.5 RandomPet - RandomPet Recipe Radar - 1.33 Recount - v4.0.1e release RecountThreat - v4.0.1 release Simple MiniMap Coords - 1.2.5 Talented - v3.0-release TomTom - v40000-1.0.9 TooltipWealth - v0.2-release ZHunterMod -

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jangus Jan 08, 2011 at 14:04 UTC Create

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  • Avatar of Highlander1694 Highlander1694 May 20, 2011 at 16:30 UTC - 0 likes

    Have this too. Usually not right away though. At some point I open Glyphs and both window frames are empty. No glyphs show (empty slots), even though I have glyphs and "Know glyps" is empty too. No amount of fiddling with filters, closing windows and reopening brings them back. Turning off Talented and reloading UI does.

    Unfortunately I do not get a LUA error, just an empty glyphs page. This happens on all classes I believe (tested on Mage, Warrior, Priest, Shaman, Lock, DK, Rogue)

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Jan 08, 2011
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