Change log
    Don't have to do the stack bullshit anymore in cat
    Fix the slash command registration to ensure they work with AddonLoader (thanks oscarucb)
    Make bank restocking work for trade bags too
    Embed update
    Typos, ugh
    Add tradeskill bag restocking
    - Will pull in items from the tradeskill list only if you're carrying a leatherworking, engineering, herb or inscription bag
    - Will NOT pull items for the normal list when you have one of these bags equipped
    - Also will not pull from bank
    Add scroll bar to config group box
    Add group box to config
    Use two columns for restock list
    Add bank restocking
     - Doesn't try to do anything fancy like split stacks or pull from multiple stacks
    Allow bags to be opened when config is shown
    Add total spent output if chat output is on
    Remove 2.4.3 compat
    Lowercase addon folders... fucking curse
    nilsafe, fucking uncached items
    Only query items we don't have data on
    Update for wrath build 8962 config panel breakage
    Embed update
    Fix water upgrade being lost if item info is not cached
    Fix water upgrading when items are not cached
    Embed update
    Load water list appropriate for the client version
    Embed update
    New wrath water
    Embed update
    Remove merchant button, we have LDB now
    Tweak launcher declaration to match the updated spec
    Add LDB quicklaunch button
    Account for cases where the items in the stock list are not cached (after a patch)
    Apply patch "Merchant button overlays SellOMatic buttons"
    Screw you, and your self
    Add GUI config frame
    Add "About" panel, TOC metadata
    query server for water tooltips so GetItemInfo doesn't nil out
    Add button to merchant frame, trim down slash handler
    Initial release (DUH!)


Uploaded on
Sep 25, 2010
Game version
  • 4.0.1
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