Gives a Smoother Quest Experience

Smooth Quest is an addon that modifies the Blizzard Questing interface:

- Adds gradient coloring of objectives red -> green in the blizzard quest tracker
- Adds level and difficulty coloring to the quest tracker and quest log
- Adds quest progress sounds:
'More Work?' if you have more objectives to complete
'Jobs done!' if your quest is complete
- Colorizes unit tooltips containing quest info
- Adds colored information to item tooltips
- Adds output selection and gradient coloring for quest completion and objective completion messages through Sink-2.0

You can select the output options via /sq /sqmoothquest or the blizzard interface options addons panel.

This addon is not complete yet. Options need to be added for the various functionalities, as well as handling of quest links in chat.



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Date created
Sep 29, 2008
Last updated
May 11, 2009