108 - Sprint in water and no rocket belt?

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I noticed that there is no sprint option for being in the water. With the "Blurred Speed" glyph, it allows rouges to use Sprint to run on water, so I'm wondering why is it not an option to use while under water. Also there is no "Rocket Belt" option either for engineers. That would be a great addition to the in-combat or on the ground options.

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Zemnexx Jul 02, 2011 at 01:39 UTC Create

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    For the Sprint option to make sense for water, you'd sort of need to do a check whether it's glyphed or not otherwise you get people yelling that they wasted their sprint (which would happen). It's possible to do that, just not with the current code as-is.

    On the Nitro Boosts ("Rocket Belt") issue, see ticket 109 re: Parachute Cloak.

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