SmartMount - Action Button

This is the Action Button, for the SmartMount Addon.

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Former releases of SmartMount did contain the Action Button, SmartMount r106+ is required for this Addon.

I only support a very limited support. I suggest the key binding or the macro. If you want to take over this Addon, please let me know.

Other ways

The recommended way is still to use a key binding or the macro (and not the action button).

The macro can be created using the Help screen, or create one by yourself with this contents:

/click [button:3] SmartMount_Button MiddleButton; [button:2] SmartMount_Button RightButton ; SmartMount_Button LeftButton

Bug Reports / Feature Requests

Please use the tickt-system.


Via Curse PM.


Date created
Jul 03, 2010
Last updated
Jul 13, 2010