Change log

Florian Anderiasch:
    - Update README
    - Add config.debug remove Rogue cooldowns
    - MoP updates: remove select(), fix spell oddities
    - MoP updates: Restore basic Druid functionality
    - MoP fixes: bump ToC, fix Warrior+DK
    - MoP fixes: Rogue numbers,glyphs,GetNumGlyphSockets
    - MoP fixes: Remove SnD-Glyph/Talent
    - Trying to figure out cooldown bars
    - Add configureable colors
    - Added Feint, CloS and Vanish bars
    - Added Envenom buff bar. Tweaked some colors and ordering
    - Fixed wrong Mangle bear spell. Added Garrote bar. Fixed an issue with Vendetta.
    - Fixed glyph detection.
    - Defaults need to match.
    - Added Art of War
    - Added paladin module, currently only supports Sacred Duty
    - Added recuperate.
    - Lacerate stacks to 3 now.
    - Added Vendetta and Revealing Strike.
    - - Update TOC for 4.0, most talents/glyphs/item sets are broken, please contribute patches. - Added borderTexture configuration option.
    - Changed CreateBar to be language independent, you can now pass a spell id instead of a spell name to the function.
    - Updated rogue colors to better match their importance in 3.3.3.
    - Fixed a critical bug in the warrior module. Less verbose sample configuration.
    - Refactored to use addon specific tables. Cleanups.
    - Switched Eclipse colors
    - Several new feral bars implemented (thanks nin)
    - Include bar when calling the aura function. Split Eclipse into two separate bars because of the recent 3.3.3 fix.
    - Adjusted bar heights.
    - Added Death Knight module.
    - Better organization of bars and some naming clarifications.
    - Reordered moonkin bars to better reflect the importance of each bar.
    - Updated max duration to reflect previous change.
    - Fixed a cooldown issue with Eclipse
    - As per nin's request, the bar now counts twice from 15 to 0 depending if it's showing the duration of the internal cooldown.
    - Fixed last rebase issue.
    - Fixed some mixed up calculations
    - Fixed some mixed up calculations
    - Updated README.
    - The eclipse bar color now reflects the status of the buff as well as the type. A bright color indicates that the corresponding colored buff is active while a darker shade of the same color indicates the ICD is in effect.
    - Fixed a typo causing expiration to miss completely.
    - Rewrote Eclipse detection.
    - Renamed a variable
    - Fixed a typo.
    - More work on eclipse for Moonkin
    - Integrated Moonkin module from nin, split druid into two modules.
    - Updated description.
    - Remove obsoleted isDebuff on stock bars.
    - Update TOC for 3.3. Optimized buff detection routines. Rearranged default rogue bars to better suit 3.3.
    - Update TOC for 3.3
    - More responsive bar hiding. Minor optimizations
    - Slight optimization
    - Don't anchor to MainMenuBar by default, messes up when in a vehicle.
    - Updated to get in changes in evl/SliceDice
    - Added missing sample configuration file
    Updated to get in changes in evl/SliceDice
    - Updated to get in changes in evl/SliceDice
    - Updated to get in changes in evl/SliceDice
    - Added configuration file. Added ability to grow bars upwards.
    - Added missing sample configuration file
    - Added configuration file. Added ability to grow bars upwards.
    - Optimized layout functions.
    - Fixed typo in Nightsong set check
    - Added items to druid and rogue module
    - Added README
    - Fix CRLF
    - More distinguishable color on Hunger for Blood bar, bars will now resume after a relog/reload
    - Fixed a vehicle issue
    - - Added Joust module (currently tracks Defend charges) - Added vehicle support
    - Replace isMine with source to reflect 3.1 API change
    - Initial import


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Oct 09, 2012
Game version
  • 5.0.5
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