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Skinner Commands Jncl Jncl Jan 10, 2010
All options are accessed through the /Skinner menu, most changes to turn on skinning will occur without a reload of the UI, one or two will only happen after a reload, there are identified with (/RL). All changes to turn off skinning must be followed by a Reload. errors - Toggle the Showing of Errors warnings - Toggle the Showing of Warnings minimapicon - Toggle the showing of the Minimap icon dropdowns - Toggle the skin of the DropDowns (/RL) textureddd - Toggle the Texture of the DropDowns...
Main (zhTW) wowaceSVN wowaceSVN Sep 29, 2008
更改預設 UI 的視覺樣式.
Main wowaceSVN Jncl Sep 07, 2016
Skinner changes the look of the default UI Please post all comments on the Skinner thread Instructions 1 .Download and install this addon. 2 . Copy/Move all the files in the AddonSkins directory into the SkinMe directory. 3. Start WoW. 4. Other settings can be changed via the Interface Options Details Skinner has 2 main sub-directories; AddonSkins and SkinMe. The skins for the Blizzard UI are in the 'core' set of files. All the skins for individual Addons are in the AddonSkins directory and...
Main (zhCN) wowaceSVN wowaceSVN Sep 29, 2008
更改默认 UI 的视觉样式.
Main (esES) wowaceSVN wowaceSVN Sep 29, 2008
Cambia el aspecto del UI predeterminado
How to skin an Addon with Skinner Jncl Jncl Oct 15, 2008
For the purposes of this document the addon is called MySkinnedAddon and it has one frame called MainFrame I recommend that you run WoW in windowed mode to make it easier to change the skin code and test it in WoW. Prerequisites Optional, but helpful Baddiel - used to find out Object names Omnibus - used to test some commands Blizzard's Editing UI - used to adjust object placement etc. An updated version for WotLK can be found here Necessary Skinner The Addon you want to skin A Text Editor,...
How to change the Background Skinner uses Jncl Jncl Aug 18, 2010
Using Textures as the Background N.B. If you have previously changed the Backdrop settings to achieve this please reset them to their defaults by using the defaults button on the options panel and then choose just these settings. To use textures as the background to frames as opposed to a colour you need to do the following: Turn on the option to use the Background Texture via the Option Panel. Specify the texture that you want to use. - <filename> uses the format:...
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