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Sometimes when crafting an item for another person, one would want to see the material cost in the shopping list window to not include materials on hand, so that one can accurately tell the other person what materials they need to provide. (This is superior to linking the profession spell, as some of the materials for a profession item may be crafted by the profession themselves i.e. Bolts of Cloth.

I would like to see a toggle on the shopping list window to toggle the counting of "on hand" materials on/off, so that one does not have to toggle the setting in the addon settings every time they craft something for someone else instead of themselves.

Also, it would be nice to have a way to "announce" (in the same way that Recount does for instance) the base material cost (from the shopping list) to either party/whisper/guild/etc in the same way the addon handles linking material cost of individual items to the chat, (Clicking the item in the shopping list provides a [Item Link]x45 etc.), so that one can simply click the button to list the base materials (because some reagents are crafted by the profession) to a person.

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    Please open a new ticket if this can be reproduced in the latest version.

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