174 - Request for enhancement - shopping list

What is the enhancement in mind?

1.  Right now the shopping list closes everytime the Skillet Window closes.  I was wondering if there was a way to make the shopping list independent so I can open it with an ldb.  This way when I'm out and about farming or whatever I can click open the list for information.

2. Use with Guild or general information.  Requesting things for yourself.  
Example:  I want an Enchant: Cloak of Subtlety.  Access the pattern say through the guild profession function and then que it.  Presently when you click on Shopping list nothing happens and the list is blank. Suggestion:  I'm hoping that instead the regents fill so I can either farm or buy the mats to have it made for me.  For one item the list is not really impacted, but for say 4 different enchants because I just upgraded my gear, that's where it becomes more of a benefit.

3.   Conversely if someone asks if I can make bags for them, example 10 netherweave bags.  My shopping list shows how much mats I need excluding the amounts that I have in my bag or bag/bank depending on what I've selected.  Because I'm doing this for someone else, I don't want to include any of my mats in advising them how much they need to provide.  I've been running to the bank to drop off my stuff so I don't mix them up.  What would be nice is to have a check box for not including current inventory.  That way you can advise how much the person will need 10rune thread and 200 netherweave cloth.  Further on that point a Whisper button that would tell the person what's on your shopping list-Kind of a share list feature.  By having it as a whisper, then it wouldn't matter if the person had the addon or not.  Even better for people that do have your addon the Share List feature might populate a shopping list for them (maybe a pop-up asking "Would you like to add these materials to your Shopping List?")

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    Please open a new ticket if this can be reproduced with the current version.

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