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Ackis Recipe List

Oct 23, 2016 Torhal Release Optional dependency
What it does Ackis Recipe List is an AddOn which will scan your trade skills and provide information on how to obtain recipes. French (frFR) - Ackis Recipe List est un addon qui analyse vos métiers et fournit des informations sur la façon d'obtenir les recettes manquantes. German (deDE) - Ackis Recipelist ist ein AddOn, das deine Berufe durchsucht und dir mitteilt, wo du fehlende Rezepte bekommst. Korean (koKR) - Ackis Recipe List|1은;는; 당신의 전문 기술들을 훑어서 제조법들을 얻는 방법에 대한 정보를 제공할 애드온입니다. 룬 벼리기를...
Jeweler - Settings 1


Dec 09, 2011 exace Abandoned Optional dependency
Description based on the Auc-Util-Glypher I created a Jewelcrafter tool called Auc-Util-Jeweler or for short Jeweler. With Jeweler a jewelcrafter can create a list of profitable gems to cut. The Jeweler is using the beancounters selling information together with the materials pricing setup to determine which and how many gems to cut. Features uses auctioneer and beancounter information; the mats cost can be setup individually or using beancounter bidding and buyout information; by activating...
  • 2 reverse relationships found