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Skillet: A trade skill window replacement

Skillet is a replacement for the default tradeskill and craft UI.

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  • Larger the the standard tradeskill window
  • Built-in queue for creating multiple, different items
  • Queued items are saved when you log out and are restored on log in
  • Automatically buy reagents for queued recipes when visiting a vendor
  • If you can craft a reagent needed by a recipe, then clicking on that reagent will take you to its recipe (same features as Reverse Engineering.
  • If the item to be crafted requires a minimum level to use, that level can be displayed along with the recipe (disabled by default)
  • The shopping list of items needed for all queued recipes for all alts can be displayed at banks, auction houses, or from the command line
  • Items needed for crafting queued items can be automatically retrieved from your bank or guild bank (by using the shopping list)
  • User editable list of notes attached to reagents and crafted items.
  • Recipes can be filtered by name, whether or not you could level when creating the item, and whether or not you have the mats available.
  • Sorting of recipes (name, difficulty, level, and quality of crafted item)
  • Tracking inventory on alternate characters
  • Item tooltips can be set to display the list of alternate characters that can craft the item.
  • Custom grouping
  • User managed Ignored Materials List
  • Complete or mostly complete localizations for deDE, esES, frFR, ruRU, koKR, zhCN, zhTW.


  • 3.06
    • Fix for FlushRecipeData (ticket 432).
  • 3.05
    • Fix for ticket 431.
  • 3.04
    • Blizzard's favorites are now Skillet's favorites and vice versa.
    • Upgradeable recipes are now fully supported by Skillet.
    • The slider to adjust the count of the number of items to craft has been replaced with up and down buttons.
    • Lots of bug fixes and code optimizations
  • 3.03
    • Fix Progress Bars causing other errors
    • Known Issue: Creating multiple identical items will sometimes fail
  • 3.02
    • Updated for WoW 7.0.3
    • Known Issue: Creating multiple identical items will sometimes fail
    • Known Issue: Upgradable recipes will be listed multiple times
  • 2.88
    • Change displayed version number
  • 2.87
    • Fix error when talking to NPC crafter
    • Fix calculation of craftables (ticket 350)
    • Fix display of crafted counts
    • Fix timing issue with GuildBank
    • Add Thermal Anvil icon to Smelting
  • 2.86
    • Fix ticket 347 and Curse comment reported bug
    • Rework craftable counts, add recursive craftable count (ticket 348)
    • Update Inscription Ink from vendor list
  • 2.85
    • Fix overlap of required tools and cooldowns (ticket 345)
  • 2.84
    • Add description to recipe detail frame
    • Add wordwrap to unavailable (cooldown) text
    • Get version from TOC metadata
  • 2.83
    • Update TOC to 60200
    • Add SVN build number to frame title
    • Cleanup unused code in Mainframe.lua
    • Change NPC crafting to check GUID if necessary
    • Fix NPC crafting to properly close NPC
  • 2.82
    • Remove distinction between bags and bank (reagents are used from both)
    • Fixes for tickets 336, 337, 338, 340, 341, 342, 343
    • InitializeDatabase optimizations
    • Prevent guild tradeskills from polluting savedvariables
    • Remove global API table
    • Add shift-click on crafting NPCs to open Blizzard Tradeskill frame
  • 2.81
    • Add Draenor transmutes to the ignore list
    • Cosmetic and debug changes
  • 2.80
    • Update TOC to 60100
  • 2.78
    • Fix errors in custom grouping (ticket 333)
  • 2.77
    • Fix GetTradeSkillLevels to always return numbers (ticket 331)
  • 2.76
    • Use TradeskillInfo for skill difficulty data if available (LibPeriodicTable is not up to date)
    • Disable tooltip and dropdown for selecting other character's tradeskills (ticket 330)
  • 2.75
    • Fix Thermal Anvil (ticket 327)
    • Fix last item fetched from guild bank remaining on cursor
    • Minimize the use of the Blizzard frame for followers (ticket 328, requires localization)
  • 2.74
    • Add option to choose which frame to use for followers (that can use both)
  • 2.73
    • Curse didn't properly release 2.72
  • 2.72
    • Always use bags + bank when counting reagents (ticket 322)
    • Use IsNPCCrafting() for garrison follower crafting (ticket 321)
  • 2.71
    • Add user managed Ignored Materials table (thanks to Tarkumi)
    • Add cooldown check to queue processing
    • Add support for Enchanting Scrolls (thanks to Tarkumi)
    • Some code cleanup and minor bug fixes
  • 2.70
    • Add FlushRecipeData function
    • Fix flushalldata command
    • Add flushrecipedata command (and localization)
    • Add the WoW build number to
    • Flush recipe data when the WoW build number changes.
    • Move the dataVersion to (from db.realm)
  • 2.69
    • Add option to shopping list to include items in the bank (ticket 313)
  • 2.68
    • Another TradeSkillInfo plugin fix
  • 2.67
    • Fix TradeSkillInfo plugin (Ticket 312)
  • 2.66
    • Disable Skillet for crafting illusions, because it is allowed only from Blizz UI (Ticket 309)
    • Change "Using Bank" message to a warning (DA.WARN)
    • Locale independent fix for Blizzard's Engineering bug
    • Remove Altoholic dependent code (we do it ourselves now)
    • Fix unavailable skills in garrison
  • 2.65
    • Localize Blizzard's Engineering bug (Ticket 308)
  • 2.64
    • Add count of Auction House items independent of Altoholic (Ticket 304)
    • Increase maximum queue item count to 9999, (Ticket 305)
    • Change 1/0 to true/false for Blizzard API calls (Ticket 306)
  • 2.63
    • Bump Skillet database version.
    • Add slash command to reinitialize Skillet database.
    • Add persistent bank storage.
    • Reagent Bank added (treat it as just another bank bag).
    • Use bank reagents when processing queue.
    • Bug fixes.
  • 2.62 - Partial Reagent Bank functionality added (treat it as just another bank bag). Bug fixes.
  • 2.61 - Performance issues.
  • 2.60 - Update for WoW 6.02. Add workaround for Blizzard GetTradeSkillInfo bug in Engineering.
  • 2.57 - Fix bug reported on WoWInterface. Clicking on reagents would crash if the tradeskill for the reagent had not been displayed.
  • 2.51 - 2.56 - Bugfixes.
  • 2.50 - new shopping window with guild bank support
  • 2.45 - update for 5.4 - since patch tradeskills of alts not showing, waiting solution from Blizzard


  • What are the numbers in the middle and how to hide them? - It's the number of craftable items using reagents in your bag, bank, alts. Right+Click on the bag icon to turn them off
  • How to search in the item name only? - Start your search phrase with exclamation mark: !ink
  • How to search in Auction House? - Alt+Click on shopping list
  • How to retrieve items from bank? - Turn on "Display shopping list at banks"
  • How to turn off Skillet temporarily? - Shift+Click your profession button/link. It also works for View All in your Guild Tab.
  • How to use Enchanting Vellum? - Right Click on Process/Create/Create All button. You create only 1 enchanted vellum, repeat to create more
  • How to paste a recipe in the chat? - double click on the recipe list

- nogudnik - creator of Skillet, left WoW
- lilsparky - creator of Gnome Works and LilSparky's Workshop

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  • Avatar of stubbyswiss stubbyswiss Aug 15, 2016 at 19:12 UTC - 0 likes

    Just to let you know that 3.03 seems to have taken care of the multiple queued items issue. This feature seems to be working now, as do most other features. I have a couple of issues for which I will go ahead and open tickets for.

  • Avatar of bsmorgan bsmorgan Aug 15, 2016 at 01:28 UTC - 1 like

    @stubbyswiss: Go

    Please try 3.03 for your experiments and a list of what works would be great. The list of what doesn't work should have a ticket opened (a separate one for each issue).

    The create multiple queued items known issue isn't fixed yet because I can't get it to fail on my system. If you open a ticket for that issue, please be as specific as you can. A screenshot might be helpful but more than that, a copy of the debug log. A debug log can be created by typing "/skillet debuglogging". Close Skillet and logoff after an issue has been discovered. The data I need is the account wide savedvariables file Skillet.lua and the per character savedvariables file Skillet.lua (please rename this one to Skillet_<toon>.lua

    Be aware that in some cases, just enabling debug logging has caused the problem to disappear.

  • Avatar of stubbyswiss stubbyswiss Aug 14, 2016 at 12:00 UTC - 0 likes

    Greetings, and thanks once again for all the work and effort you are putting into getting this addon back up to speed.

    Since the launch of 7.0.3 I have downloaded and tested just about all of your updates, and as of this time I can say that the most stable one for me is 3.02-beta4. It does still have a few bugs, but mostly it does what I need it to do, especially creating multiple queued items without me having to click on the process button repeatedly.

    If you would like, I could try and put together an itemized list of what works and doesn't work with this version, compared to lets say the latest version, for you to have a look at. If you think this would be helpful, please let me know where and how I should post this.

    Again, many thanks for all the work.

  • Avatar of bsmorgan bsmorgan Aug 08, 2016 at 15:03 UTC - 0 likes

    @cunct: Go

    Please if you still have problems, open a Ticket.

  • Avatar of cunct cunct Aug 08, 2016 at 01:34 UTC - 0 likes

    I am using it in Legion Beta (Skillet ver.3.02-beta2) on a blacksmith ... says spell not learned ... flushed all data ... still not working for Beta Legion ... only error message I get is "spell not learned" Hope that helps you

    I will revert to an earlier alpha and let you know how it goes

    Edit: Went back and loaded r513, dumped the lua in WTF for Skillet, loaded the Legion Beta, did the "skillet flushalldata" and then opened blacksmithing.

    Got a warning that I was using an Alpha Version ... cliked ok and made some items... seems to work with the new legion recipes in Legion Beta. I crafted 3 items and mailed them off to an alt.

    The next time I opened the window it looked different ... like skillet ... but unfortunately I don't have mats to test it further at this time... I use Skillet for many years already, but did not load any addons when I started copying my toons to the Legion Beta. So, the installation of Skillet on the Legion Beta toons was a "virgin" installation.

    Anyway I will test again later when I have more mats and let you know how it goes. THanks for keeping this addon alive m8.

    Last edited Aug 08, 2016 by cunct: Update report
  • Avatar of stubbyswiss stubbyswiss Aug 07, 2016 at 12:31 UTC - 1 like

    Just wanted to say thanks for what is obviously a lot of time and effort going into updating this add on. Don't think we are not noticing just how fast those updates are coming out. We do appreciate it!

  • Avatar of Bludwulf62 Bludwulf62 Aug 06, 2016 at 14:47 UTC - 0 likes

    @bsmorgan: Go

    Just wanted to give you and update on my original post in that I found the issue that was causing my concern, for some reason in my Addons folder for Skillet I found two old update text files ( r488 and r493 ) still there with the latest update file under them so when it appears that when CURSE scanned this folder it was seeing this r488 old file 1st and not seeing the other or newest file and was how it was reporting needing to update to latest file. Thanks for this Add on I like it a lot.

  • Avatar of Bludwulf62 Bludwulf62 Aug 06, 2016 at 02:31 UTC - 0 likes

    @bsmorgan: Go

    Ah ok now I understand, thanks for the info, forgot about the options. I was concerned cause I like this add on over the others I have tried......

  • Avatar of bsmorgan bsmorgan Aug 05, 2016 at 22:24 UTC - 0 likes

    @Bludwulf62: Go Skillet on Curse will get updated when I decide that the current Alpha release is ready. Curse only updates when Beta or Release versions are created, it does not update on Alpha releases.

    I'm guessing you are using the Curse Client and if it thinks you are interested in Skillet, it will keep you updated with "the latest release" which is 2.88. While I don't use the Curse Client personally, I've been told you can tell it which quality (Alpha, Beta, Release) you are interested in on a per addon basis as well as globally. I don't know if you can tell the Curse Client to ignore an addon completely.

    If you want to continue to run Alpha builds, then I suggest you check back here often (or use the Subscriptions tab to set notifications). Alpha builds won't always work. You can enter tickets here if you want.

  • Avatar of Bludwulf62 Bludwulf62 Aug 05, 2016 at 21:05 UTC - 0 likes

    Was wondering when CURSE is going to be updated so that after using WoWAce files to update Skillet to the latest version after r488 that CURSE does not come back the next day reporting that my version is still r488 and to update to the newest version. I manually update this add on from here because CURSE fails at updating from there on any latest version since r488. CURSE is also showing that the latest version is for WoW is 6.2.3 with Newest File: 2.88 with this latest version Updated Dec 25, 2015. I have gone thru all Saved Variable folders for WoW and deleted all Skillet.lua's and still keep getting that my latest version Curse is showing still remains at r488.


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  • R: 3.06 for 7.0.3 Aug 26, 2016
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  • R: 3.05 for 7.0.3 Aug 25, 2016
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  • R: 3.04 for 7.0.3 Aug 24, 2016