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Highlight Debuff Options

Enhances the built-in raid frames to have an overlay for debuffs, much like just about every raid frame replacement addon. This addon was created in the wake of the great enhancements made to the built-in raid frames in patch 4.0.1, and is intended to bring some much-needed and common functionality to the built-in raid frames and hopefully eliminate the need of a raid frame replacement addon.

This addon creates overlays for the built-in raid frames that indicate what debuffs the unit has. For instance, if the unit has a curse, it will display a purple overlay on their unit frame. This addon makes it easier for those responsible for cleansing debuffs to identify who has them and for healers and raid leaders to identify all debuffs and to adjust the healing or raid accordingly. The following is a full list of the features of this addon:

  • Highlighting of unit frames via an overlay frame of a certain color.
    • Highlight shape can be fully controlled:
      • Padding inside the unit frame.
      • Separation
      • Border width
      • Border inset
    • Highlights and be enabled per type of unit: party, party pet, raid, and raid pet.
    • Debuffs can be ignored if they are not dispellable by you.
    • Unknown debuffs can be ignored.
    • Colors can be changed by debuff type: curse, disease, magic, poison, or unknown
    • Debuffs can be filtered out, causing them to be ignored by the addon
    • Multiple debuffs can be shown at the same time by highlighting different portions of the unit frame different colors OR The "unknown" debuff color can be used when multiple types of debuffs are present.
    • Custom highlights can be defined with new colors.
      • Custom highlights work for any buff or debuff.
      • Filters control which auras trigger the highlight
  • Test mode for previewing overlays on raid frames.
    • Frames for party, party pet, raid, and raid pet.
    • Adjustable width and height for test frames.

This addon is designed to be quite modular so there is the possibility of even expanding this to include overlay text, icons, and more in future versions. Comments on the feature set or perhaps future improvements are welcome!

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  • Avatar of TagofFire TagofFire May 19, 2011 at 19:59 UTC - 0 likes

    The regular in-game raid frames also show Magic debuff icons for Protection Paladins when you enable the Only Dispellable By Me option. So that's a fault from Blizzard's side, probably.

    As for the AddOn itself, I've been looking for -exactly- this for a while now. Thanks a lot!

    Last edited May 19, 2011 by TagofFire
  • Avatar of xunwinx xunwinx Nov 22, 2010 at 23:19 UTC - 0 likes

    doesn't work on my druid. My Prot pally shows magic even when box is checked for debuffs I can only cleanse.

    this addon works great when I am in Holy spec though.

    This is just what the default frames are missing.



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Oct 16, 2010
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Oct 28, 2010
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